Guided sightseeing running tours in Aalborg

RunningAalborg offers running tours where we combine health and exercise with sightseeing in our lovely city.

Our local running guides will show you Aalborg's hidden gems while we run. It's a unique experience where you can feel the city's pulse. The running tours are for both those who already love Aalborg and for guests and tourists who want to experience our city in an alternative way.
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Experience the city in the healthiest way

At RunningAalborg, it's all about getting exercise and sightseeing at the same time!

Easily choose your tour and time here and look forward to a different kind of running tour around Aalborg, where we focus both on the city's attractions and its more hidden gems.

Our skilled running guides welcome you at the meeting point, where we start with a brief overview of the route and ensure that everyone feels safe and secure. All guides have an in-depth knowledge of Aalborg. From city life and daily activities to the city's attractions, history, culture, business life, architecture, and green spaces.

All running tours aim to give participants a more intense experience and understanding of Aalborg than what is offered through a traditional sightseeing experience. We place high importance on ensuring that all participants have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience throughout. From an easy and simple booking to personal attention from our guides, who keep an eye on everyone along the way and answer questions during the tour.

In a time where sustainability and health are in focus, we offer an experience that helps reduce the carbon footprint while also contributing to a healthier and longer life.

Who is behind Running Aalborg?

My name is Kim Komdrup, I am 47 years old and I started Running Aalborg because I have a great passion for both unique travel experiences and for physical activity that creates well-being.

Both during family vacations and business trips, I often ran a random route from the hotel or holiday home, and I always wondered why I couldn't find organized running tours that show the city or local area from its best sides.

As a resident of Aalborg, I wanted to help the city's residents, guests, or tourists to have an 'experience-rich running tour' in our lovely city.

I am one of the running guides at RunningAalborg myself and love to explore the city and share it with others.

Choose your ideal route and experience Aalborg firsthand together with our local guides.

  • The classic one (ca. 6 km)

    A quick introduction to Aalborg's city life and attractions, perfect for those with a tight schedule for the day. The tour takes about 60 minutes and takes us past some of the city's most iconic sights, while also giving you the opportunity to experience the city life and atmosphere in central Aalborg.

  • The extended tour (ca. 8 km)

    An extended running tour for those who have the time and desire to delve a bit deeper. The tour takes about 75 minutes and, in addition to experiencing the city's major attractions, we explore some of Aalborg's hidden gems. We place more emphasis on culture and history and the beautiful green areas in Aalborg, while we are constantly sightseeing along the way.

  • The full tour (ca. 10 km)

    A longer tour for those who want to immerse themselves in everything Aalborg has to offer. The tour takes 90 minutes and shows us everything from city life to historical buildings, modern architecture, life by the fjord, green oases, and hidden gems along the way. This is the ultimate way to experience Aalborg while staying active and healthy.

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If noone of these times and tours fit, feel free to contact us and we will happily help find a time and date that fits you.
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